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Street View, Google Maps and Google Earth animate people in the whole world to make funny, artistically and controversially videos. Enjoy yourself with the following films:

Street With A View
The art project Street With A View initiated by Ben Kinsley and Robin Hewlett, shows scenes in Sampsonia Way / Pittsburgh (USA).
The residents of the street and the city occur normally and at the same time spectacular in the doppelganger world of Google Street View.
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Strange things in Google Earth
Curiosities found on the satellite and aerial images in Google Earth.
A picture world trip on video.

Best of Street View
A great picture world trip on video.

The dead girl and the story In August 2008, a Street View car drove through the Middle Road in Worcester (England) and photographed a girl, who was lying face down like dead on the sidewalk.
What happened here? A crime?
The local authorities found the girl alive. She told, that she did not see the Street View car. She had stumbled, while she was playing with friends, and thought it would be funny to lie and play dead.

Travel to the Pacific coast with Street View
A toy robot makes a trip across America to the Pacific coast
Great Animation by Tom Jenkins - short film worth seeing!

Great time-lapse movie of racetrack
Google Street View photographed the Laguna Seca Raceway near Monterey with cars of the American LeMans Series.
The film shows two very fast laps on the track.

Lapse movie on the highway through the Alps
Rapidly through the Italian Alps on the A23 towards Villach (Austria).

Google Earth is not funny anymore
The high resolution of the aerial images on Google Earth may seem a bit scary.
Google is watching you :-)

Error in Google Street View
What is private? What is public?
Subtle satire of Vlakkeland / De Grappenfabriek !

Google Street View Guys
Evan and Mike get the job of Google to photograph every street in the USA.
But this should only be the beginning.

Google Earth Guys
When Mike and Evan are ready with Street View, they are getting from Google the job to photograph the world !

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